Quality Name Badges, Name Tags, Photo ID Badges
We produce large selection of custom Name Badges and Name Tags
  for businesses of all sizes and types
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Plastic Name Badges 

Metal Name Badges

Photo ID Badges

Plastic Name Badges

         Metal Name Badges

Photo ID Badges
Photo ID Name Badges

We provide Name Badges of  four standard sizes       
1" x 3" 1.5" x 3"  1.75" x 3"  2" x 3" 
However you may require any custom size    


Our Name Badges are printed  onto the sturdy plastic or solid metal and covered  with optical clear overlay for scratch and UV protection 

Name Badges and Name Tags come in Framed and Unframed styles. Silver or Golden borders make them look professional and add elegant touch


Email us your logo in jpg, pdf or gif format and we will show you custom design  of your Name Badges or Name Tags. We will correct it to your satisfaction. As soon as you approve it   your Name Badges will be shipped within 24 hours


Free mock-up is also available  

Name Badge Prices
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1 - 3

4 - 24













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We manufacture and supply high quality full-color name badges and name tags to suit all needs and occasions. The choices include everything from temporary name tags for meetings, conventions, trade shows, and parties to permanent employee personalised name badges with complex graphics and high definition photo ID badges.
   We utilize
industry leading digital print technologies in conjunction with innovative sublimation technique. Sublimation printing process based on fusing the color deep into the material for a print that makes it extremely durable, resistant to scratches, dents, fading and will withstand extended life outdoors. Our process allow us to provide a colorful, shiny prints that are always clear, sharp, and professional looking.

Plastic Name Badges 

Metal Name Badges

Photo ID Badges



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